Sports Zeilscherm of Parapente
v-raft-01Rafting,hydrospeeding, canyoning, horse riding,summer skiing, etc… parapente1Paragliding, hangliding, microlight flying….
Cycling and Mountain Biking Tour de France Marmotte Mondial VTT
v-VTT-01From the celebrated 21 hairpin bends of Alpe d’Huez to the rocky paths for maniac mointain bikers, there are routes for all. v-tour-01Tour de France Marmotte Mondial VTT Internationally renowned cycling events.
Moutainerring Via Ferrata
v-alpinisme-01For both beginners and experienced climbers, the Veneon Valley and la Berarde are the places to go. v-via-01Saint Christophe, les Perrons, l’Alpe d’Huez, Les Freaux some of the varied Via Ferrata.

v-rando-01From a family stroll round a lake, to glacier crossings or the famous long distance walk, GR54 Tour of the Oisans,there is something for everyone.